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Science at St Pius X

Science Update | 8th August

Pre-Primary & Year 1 - Our Year 1 and Pre-Primary students have been enjoying their ‘Look! Listen!’ unit, learning more about how we use these two senses to gather information about our environment.
Year 2 & 3 - Finally, our ‘Push, Pull’ unit has come to an end. In our final lessons, we investigated the forces involved in floating and sinking, in controlling balloons and in helicopter flight.
Year 4 & 5 - Year 4 and 5 completed their ‘Friends or Foes’ unit by investigating the different ways in which seeds can be dispersed from plants.
Year 6 - Year 6 completed their ‘It’s Electrifying’ unit by testing a range of materials to see if they were conductors or insulators of electricity, followed by some good old-fashioned tinkering!

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