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Social Worker


Behaviour Tonics is a great organization for workshops on parenting and providing strategies to deal with tricky and difficult situations.

Introducing Highway Heros

Understanding Social and Emotional Learning


Today is eSafety day so I would like to point you in the direction of some resources and information that might be helpful in navigating the overwhelming minefield that is the internet.

Why does Bullying Occur?

Bullying behaviour can arise from distrust, fear, misunderstanding, lack of knowledge or jealousy - all factors that schools can address in positive and proactive ways.

Sibling Rivalry

According to the University of Michigan here are some potential causes (apart from trying to irritate parents)

Executive Functioning

Hello again parents of St Pius!
Over the last couple of weeks I have been chatting to my social work colleagues about something called Executive Functioning (or as I like to call it how to get kids to get dressed, brush their teeth AND remember their library book).

Child Development – a quick overview and some tips

Hello again parents,
I thought I would go back to basics and provide you with a quick outline I found of ‘normal’ child development for primary school aged children and some ideas about how we can best support them through the ages and stages. Yes I can sense some eyes glazing over but bear with me it might be helpful one day. Having some information about what kids are dealing with and going through might help us understand and deal with some of those ‘frustrating’ behaviours. Some knowledge of social and emotional development may provide greater wisdom and more appropriate responses and consequences However, do not move the goal posts in regards to what is acceptable behaviour and what is not in terms of behaviour.

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