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Dates to Remember

Term 1 Week 3

Monday 13 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6

Tuesday 14 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Kindy Screening
  • P & F Executive Meeting 5.45pm
  • SAC Meeting 7pm

Wednesday 15 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Kindy Screening

Thursday 16 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Kindy Screening

Friday 17 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Year 6 Assembly & Awards

Week 4

Monday 20 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6

Tuesday 21 February

  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Project Compassion Online Launch – Yr. 6
  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Swimming Trials Yr. 3 (following swim lessons)

Wednesday 22 February

  • Ash Wednesday Mass @ 9am – Yr. 2 leading
  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Swimming Trials Yr. 4 (following swim lessons)

Thursday 23 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6
  • Swim Trials Yrs. 5/6 (following swim lessons)

Friday 24 February

  • Swimming Lessons 2:05-2:35pm Yrs. 3-6

Blessed are you, Lord God,
Creator of body and mind and heart;
you have sent the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge
to guide your people in all their ways.

At the beginning of this new school year
we implore your mercy:
bless the students, families, and staff of St Pius X
that together we may grow in faith, hope,
and love as we learn from you and each other
how to follow your Son Jesus.

Expand the horizons of our minds,
that we may grow in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge;
deepen our commitment to seek the truth of your ways;
and enliven our faith to reach out to those in need.

Glory and praise to you, Lord God,
in the Church and in Christ Jesus forever and ever.


A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to another school year!

It was so lovely seeing our parents/grandparents and students walk through the school gates, after such a long break, on Wednesday morning. During my class visits, whilst the students unpacked their stationery and got themselves settled, there was so much warmth and positive energy emanating from them, our parents, and staff. The smiles and sheer joy were equally strong during my class visits in the afternoon and at the end of the first week.

This year, we have several new families joining us. We warmly welcome each of our new students and families to our St Pius X school community and hope that your experiences with us are incredibly positive and enriching.

Opening Mass

Our Year 4 students did a wonderful job leading us in the introduction, readings, and prayers of the faithful during Mass on Friday morning. Having less than two days to prepare themselves, they did us incredibly proud. During their practice session on Thursday afternoon, I was impressed by the maturity and reverence they displayed. They read beautifully, carefully annunciating every word. I was proud of the manner in which our Year 4s managed their nerves on Friday morning. It is one thing to read in front your peers during rehearsals and quite another to read in front of a full Church. Congratulations to our Year 4s and to Miss Sinclair for preparing them so well. Thank you to our parents and grandparents who attended Mass. Your presence and participation is always valued and signifies that we are not only a school community, but a faith community also.

Parent Information Night

Although this is my third year of principalship here at St Pius X, Monday night was the first opportunity I have had to address our school community at the beginning of the school year. Looking out at the sea of parents as I gave my address filled me with hope and much gratitude. We truly are blessed to have such a committed body of parents, staff and students. I am grateful for finally being able to commence a year where parents are not only permitted in classrooms but are also able to gather as one.

For those of you who were not able to attend the Parent Information Night please take the time to visit our school website and read through our Parent Code of Conduct. During my address I spent some time unpacking our conduct statements, using the descriptors our School Advisory Council compiled for us.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for our Year 3-6 students will commence on Monday 13th February. The lessons will take place from 2.05-2.35pm at Aqualife Centre in East Victoria Park. In the second week of swimming, Mr Cooper, our sports teacher, will run the swimming trials at the conclusion of the lessons.  This may result in the bus being a little late for our students on the day of their trials.

Tuesday 21st Feb – Year 3 trials
Wednesday 22nd Feb – Year 4 trials
Thursday 23rd Feb – Year 5/6 trials

As the lessons will be taking place in the afternoon, it is not recommended that students come to school in their bathers. They will feel sweaty wearing their bathers under their uniform and our girls will find it cumbersome navigating going to the toilet during the day. Class teachers will provide students with an opportunity to get changed in the lead up to swimming lessons.

P&F Events

Our dedicated P&F have organised two key events for this term. The first of those being our parent only event, ‘Barefoot Bowls’, which will be held at the Manning Bowling Club on Saturday 25th February. Please lock this date into your calendars. This event provides us all with an opportunity to re-connect, to meet parents new to our school, and to chat with those who up until now, due to COVID restrictions in previous years, you may not have had a chance to get to know.

The other event to lock into your calendars is our St Pius X Fete which will take place on our school grounds on the 2nd April. An enormous amount of work has gone into preparing the fete so I sincerely hope our school community will get behind it and support our P&F by attending and participating. Spread the word to your extended family; grandparents, nieces and nephews are all welcome! Our P&F will share snippets of information about the Fete as the weeks go by.

Parents & Friends Committee Members 2023
We warmly welcome our 2023 P&F Committee Members:

Chair: Margaret Jenzen
Deputy Chair: Kristie Ranger
Secretary:  Natala Taylor
Treasurer: Sarah Ng
General Members: Brooke Lumsden and Josie Wilson
Ex-Officio: Principal – Melissa Vranjes

The P&F collaborates with the school Principal to coordinate activities that create opportunities for community engagement between parents, school staff, parish, and students. The P&F also supports the Principal to facilitate fundraising events for the benefit of students that complement the school budget.

Our P&F Committee meets twice per term. One of these meetings is restricted to committee members only and the other is open for class representatives and general members of our parent body to attend. The dates for our general meetings will be shared shortly.

School Advisory Council Members 2023
I am pleased to share that our SAC members for 2023 are:

Chair: Brian Dennis
Secretary: Jayne Kingwell
Treasurer: Rob Ierace
General Members: Sarah Wickham and Michael Cain
P&F Representative: Margaret Jenzen
Parish Representative: Marie Chaperon
Parish Priest: Fr Patrick Lim
Ex-Officio Members: Principal – Melissa Vranjes; Assistant Principals – Clare Thomson and Kim Hughes

The School Advisory Council supports the Principal to fulfil their responsibilities in leading the Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship functions of the Catholic School in pursuit of CEWA’s vision to be Christ-centred and child-focused.

The SAC meets twice per term to review and discuss our school’s progress in the areas outlined above, to review and monitor our budget, to engage in future planning and ensure sustainability of our school.

URSTRONG program

Building on our whole school focus on Wellbeing, our Year 3-6 teachers will be running the URSTRONG program with their students this year. The URSTRONG program is built upon research which reveals that relationships are at the heart of wellbeing and learning. The program is designed in such a way that provides students with the language and self-confidence to be better friends and empowers them to develop healthy relationships. We ourselves know that when children feel connected with their peers and a have a sense of belonging, they flourish.

Our Year 3-6 teachers will share relevant information about the program, via Seesaw, over the course of the year so that parents may reinforce the concepts taught and use the same child friendly language when assisting their children to work through their friendships.

Wishing you all a great end to the week,

God Bless,

Melissa Vranjes

Term Dates for 2023

Term 1
Monday 1st February to Thursday 6th April
Term 2
Monday 24th April to Friday 30th June
Term 3
Monday 17th July to Friday 22rd September
Term 4
Monday 9th October to Friday 8th December (for students)

Professional Development Days 2023

These dates are subject to change. Parents will be notified in advance, via the school newsletter, if any changes need to be made.

Monday –  30th January
Tuesday – 31st January
Friday – 3rd March
Monday 24th April
Friday – 18th August – Catholic Day
Monday – 21st August
Monday – 9th October

Public Holidays

  • Monday – 6th March – Labour Day
  • Tuesday – 25th April – ANZAC Day
  • Monday – 5 June – WA Day

Reminder of School Times

Years Pre-Primary – Year 6
8:30am – School Opens
8:45am – School Commences
10:40-11:00am – Recess
12:30 – 1:10pm Lunch (Yrs. 1-3)
1:00-1:40pm – Lunch (Yrs. 4-6)
3:05pm – Dismissal

Children are NOT supervised prior to 8:30am and should not arrive at school before this time.  Teachers finish their duty at 3:25pm. Students are NOT to play on the playground equipment before or after school.

8:50am-2:55pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Children in Pre-Primary and Kindergarten need to be walked to and picked up from the classroom by an authorised adult.  Students and their younger siblings are not permitted to play in the playground before or after school.

School News

Administration Email
Please be reminded to use the admin email address when contacting the office.  Margaret and Marni work different days during the week and if emails are directed to them personally, messages may not get through or picked up until the following day when they return to work. If the message is for them directly, please use their cewa email.

Drop Off/Pick-up
Remember to park in the designated areas and abide by the road rules.  Please do not park in neighbouring driveways or on verges around the school as this causes unrest with our neighbours. Remind your children which gate they are to be collected from and, upon collection, keep them with you so we know who still needs to be picked up.

Parents and students are reminded that the two pick-up points are Cloister Avenue (near the play equipment) and Ley St entrance. Kindy and Pre-Primary children will need to be collected from the classroom.

Gates – Cloister Avenue
Parents are advised that the gates on Cloister Avenue and Ley Street will be closed after 9:00 am each day and opened at 3:00 pm. Parents and visitors to the school are asked to use the single gate at administration on Cloister Ave between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Please press the bell and the ladies in Admin will open the gate for you.

Medical Information
Please notify Admin of any medical conditions that your child may have, including any changes to current diagnoses or action plans.  Children with asthma and severe allergies need to have an up-to-date plan, signed by your GP, submitted to the Office.

Student Absenteeism
Parents must inform the school office and class teachers prior to the child being absent if it involves a previously arranged appointment. If parents have forgotten to do so they must inform the school via the office before 9.30am on the day—this can be done by emailing or filling in the absentee form on our website.

If your child is absent for half a day or more an Absentee Note must be completed and given to the class teachers on the child’s return. These are available from our website or the school office. It is important that we establish this routine immediately and continue to maintain it each day whilst at school. It has always been important for children to arrive to school on time but even more so now.

Parent Code Of Conduct
St Pius X Catholic School has a Code of Conduct that applies to all staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians.  Click on the link to view our Parent Code of Conduct.

View our Code of Conduct

School Fees 2023

Statements for your annual school fees will go out this week.  These are to be paid as follow.
Option 1- Pay in full by 28 February
Option 2 – Pay in 4 instalments, due – 28 February, 31 May, 31 August and 31 October

There is no need to return your Option Choice form.

If you would like the school to automatically process your fees on the due dates, please complete the Credit Card Authorisation form and return it to the office.

If you are having difficulties making payment, please make an appointment to speak with the Principal.

We have a Setting and Collection of Fees policy on our website for your information.

Marshall’s Tennis Academy – Term 1 Lessons

Marshall’s Tennis Academy is conducting tennis lessons before school on Mondays 7.45 am to 8.30 am. Please see the link below to enrol or go to

Enrol Here

Sports News



Swimming Lessons Week 3 – 13/02 – 17/02 Week 4 – 20/02 – 24/02
Time Trials Year 3 – 21/02 Year 4 – 22/02 Year 5/6 – 23/02
SPX Swimming Carnival Years 3 – 6 – Tuesday 7th March – 9:00 – 12:00
ASCS Swimming Carnival Thursday 9th March


In preparation for the St Pius X Swimming Carnival, students in Years 3 – 6 will participate in swimming time trials at Aqualife Aquatic Centre. This will assist us in placing students into events most suited to their swimming ability. We are very aware that some students are less confident in their swimming ability, therefore, there will also be the option of novelty events for students to participate in. All students are required to attend these trials and are encouraged to participate.


Since the swimming trials will be conducted after swimming lessons this year, students will already be in their bathers and have their goggles with them. It would be of great help if students could wear their faction swimming cap for the trials. Swimming caps may be purchased from the Office for $4 each cash only.


As we are timing events, we will require the assistance of parents. If you are available to assist on the day of your child’s swimming trial, please advise via email,, as soon as possible.

Please complete the form below with your child and return it to the office at your earliest convenience (a hard copy will also come home this week). This form is to nominate events which your child would like to compete in at the trials. If they are unsure which distance is best for them, or there is anything else you might like to include to assist us with placing your child in an event please note on the reply form.

Please email me if you have any queries or require any further information regarding any of the information provided above.

Swimming Trials Nomination Form

Caleb Cooper
Physical Education Teacher

P & F

Please scan the QR code below to join the P & F Facebook page.

Fete News

Hello Everyone,

Over the next couple of months there will be a few things coming your way to make sure all of the community has the opportunity to be involved in this special event.
We have starting planning this event and there is a few things if you could help with?

  • Volunteers – Assisting in manning stands
  • Sponsorships – if you have a business who could donate to go towards our fun rides (we will be able to provide tax receipts and we will promote your company on socials & at the Fete)
  • Cakes stand – please let me know if you would like to contribute cakes, jams, relishes etc on the day (we will provide a cake box)
  • Art Exhibition – more details to come and an opportunity for all children to show off their creativity
  • Donations – If you have any spare juice jars, jam jars and spare lego

CASH ONLY event – so please start collecting your small change for the event.

Please contact Jodie Draper – or 0416 318 071

After School Care

Manning Primary School will offer both before and after school hours care for families of Manning Primary and St Pius X.

Tall Tree Outside School Care has been selected as the outside school hours care provider. Tall Tree will be familiar to many families with their early learning facility located within the Manning hub. Tall Tree Outside School Care bring a depth of experience, providing quality outside school hours care to many schools in Perth. They will have access to a range of buildings and play spaces at Manning Primary to ensure attending students are appropriately catered for. We are certain this will be a well-utilised and valued service for many Manning Primary and St Pius X families.

Tall Tree Outside School Care will operate on-site from 7am to 6pm.

Parents who are considering or requiring outside school hours care are encouraged to contact or go to their website:

Visit the Tall Tree website

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic book club brochures will be sent home in the next couple of days.  All orders need to be completed online by no later than Friday 17th February.