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Dates to Remember

Week 8

Thursday 21 March

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Harmony Day

Friday 22 March

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Yr 5/6 Cricket Carnival – Karoonda Reserve, Booragoon 8.45 am – 2.30 pm

Saturday 23 March

  • P & F Bogan Bingo – Manning Bowling Club at 6.30 pm

Week 9

Monday 25 March

  • NAPLAN catch up Yr. 3 & 5
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 26 March

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 27 March

  • Kindy Boogie Woogie Music Incursion
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thursday 28 March 

  • Stations of the Cross at 8.45 am
  • Easter Raffle at 2.45 pm

God of mercy, help us today to grow in your likeness,
 – that we who sinned in Adam may rise again in Christ.

Let your word be a lamp to guide us,
 – that we may live the truth and grow always in your love.

Teach us to be faithful in seeking the common good for your sake,
 – that your light may shine on the whole human family by means of your Church.

Touch our hearts to seek your friendship more and more,
 – and to make amends for our sins against your wisdom and goodness. 

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Interschool Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all the students who represented our school in the Interschool Swimming Carnival. A special congratulations to Penelope (Yr. 4) and Xavier (Yr. 6) for achieving runner up Champion Girl/Boy.

Harmony Day

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Harmony Day. Harmony Day is a celebration of the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of people living in our country. It is a time to reflect upon the way in which people from varying cultures have enriched our nation. Harmony Day also reminds us of the need to be inclusive, respectful, and appreciative of all Australians irrespective of their cultural background.

Last Friday, our Year 6s presented a heart-warming Assembly item which captured the many ways people from different cultures have enhanced the social fabric of our country, enabling us to experience various customs and cuisines. Their message of inclusivity, embracing differences, learning from one another, and coming together as one, ties in perfectly with Harmony Day.

As advertised on Seesaw, to help celebrate Harmony Day, students are invited to wear something orange tomorrow. They may choose to wear an orange shirt in place of their sports shirt or simply wear an orange accessory to celebrate inclusivity and multiculturalism.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Our parent-teacher meetings are in full swing. If you are yet to book a meeting with your child’s class teacher, please do so as soon as possible.

Parent-teacher meetings play a vital role in fostering strong partnerships between home and school. They enable us to work in unison to ensure the holistic development and success of each child. These meetings provide parents with an insight into their child’s academic progress, social development, and overall well-being. They also enable teachers to gather valuable information from parents and therefore better support the needs of each student in their classroom.


In response to parent requests for an extra-curricular program for our junior primary students, we have enlisted Edu-sing to conduct an after-school workshop on Tuesdays in Term 2. Please check the flyer included in this newsletter and register as soon as possible to guarantee your child a place. A minimum of twenty enrolments are required in order for Edu-sing to run the program for our Pre-Primary to Year 3 students.

Easter Raffle

Next Thursday afternoon, at 2.45pm, our P&F will be drawing out the Easter Raffle ticket winners. Thank you to all the families who have donated Easter Eggs for the raffle prizes. All money raised from the raffle will go to Project Compassion.

Stations of the Cross

Next Thursday morning at 9.00am, our Year 5s will be leading us in the dramatisation of the Stations of the Cross. All parents and extended family members are invited to join us for this special reflection.

The Stations of the Cross, also known as the Way of the Cross, captures the events of Jesus’ final hours on earth.

Fifth Week of Lent

As we draw closer to Holy Week, and to Good Friday, we are called to reflect more intently on the suffering of Christ and the events that led up to His crucifixion.

The Gospel readings this week, capture the growth in Christ’s popularity. People were flocking from everywhere to see Jesus, to hear him preach and teach about God. The many miracles, signs and wonders Jesus performed, together with the healing, love, peace and joy he brought to believers culminated in the spectacular crowds that gathered to welcome Him into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Jesus’ growing popularity stirred up jealousy in the hearts of the Pharisees. Instead of being drawn to the Truth that Jesus represented, they were concerned about the threat posed to their status, authority, and pride. As such, they set out to have Jesus condemned and put to death. Rather than joining the sea of Jesus’ followers, they planted seeds of doubt into the hearts of others and subjected Jesus to acts of hatred and hostility.

Over the next two weeks, I encourage you to spend time reflecting upon the coming commemoration of the persecution of our Lord.  Let your mind begin to ponder the many reactions and experiences people had that first Holy Week.  Put yourself in their shoes and try to live it with Jesus.  The goal is to find ourselves there at the foot of the Cross with Him on Good Friday with love and courage, standing by Him and loving Him every step of the way.

God bless,

Melissa Vranjes

WA Student Assistance Payment.

As you are aware, the Premier, Hon Roger Cook MLA, and the Minister for Education, Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA, announced the WA Student Assistance Payment on the weekend. This State Government initiative offers a cost-of-living payment for every student in Western Australia to provide financial relief and assist families with their children’s schooling.

All Western Australian school students (Kindergarten to Year 12) currently enrolled in a public school, registered non-government school, or home-schooled, with a valid WA student number (WASN) are eligible to claim this payment from Monday 15 April 2024.

Parents may access their child’s WASN via SEQTA Engage. Please note it is referred to as the Government ID on SEQTA. Kindy parents will receive a hard copy of their child’s WA Student number this week.

Look at what's been happening in Pre-Primary

In Term One, the Pre-Primary class have been learning about MANY subjects through play and hands-on investigations. We made Picasso faces and pizzas utilising shapes, sustainable stick faces and bug hotels with materials found on our nature walks. Each day we have practiced our writing, focusing on things we cannot do yet, what bugs us and what we have learnt to do in the last eight weeks. We’ve had such a fun start to our term by having many playful opportunities to enhance our learning.

Mrs Lara Karsten & Mrs Lina Collazos.

P & F Committee

Dear St. Pius School Community,

As we embark on a new year, the Parent and Friends Association (P&F) is excited to set our goals for 2024, and we need your valuable input! Your feedback is essential in shaping the direction of our initiatives and ensuring they align with the needs and desires of our school community.

In the past year, thanks to your generous support and involvement, the P&F has made significant contributions to enhancing the St. Pius X experience. We recently assisted in completing the Kindy/Pre-Primary playground and are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the library upgrade. Now, we’re turning our attention to new projects that will further enrich our children’s time at St. Pius.

We’ve identified three potential projects for consideration:

  • Front Playground Upgrade: Enhancing the front playground near the Kiss and Drive area, as well as the front scape of the school. This project aims to incorporate more nature play elements and repair or replace the playground surface (please note this project would require us to accumulate funds over a few years before being able to action it).
  • Creative Play Opportunities: Introducing new creative and imaginative play options within the existing school grounds. This includes reimagining the space formerly occupied by the boat in both the upper and lower school areas.
  • Sports Equipment Purchase: Investing in new sports equipment to provide students with additional options for play during lunch and recess. Examples include a volleyball net, mini table tennis.

Your feedback will guide us in determining the allocation of funds towards these projects, ensuring that our efforts are aligned with the desires of our school community. So please cast your vote as to what you think our priority should be, given that the first two  projects would need 2-3 years allocated to raise enough funds.

Voting will be conducted via our P&F Facebook page and will be open throughout the school holidays so that we can set our goals at the start of Term 2.  If you are not yet a member of this group please join. Your class reps will be sending out the link soon.

Additionally, we’re reaching out to inquire if any families have items such as a small boat, vehicle, large cubby house that is in good condition that could be repurposed for the imaginative play space. We’re also seeking families who are handy and willing to support the creation and installation of these creative play areas at a busy bee later in the year.

Your involvement and contributions play a vital role in shaping the St. Pius X experience for our children. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as we work together to make our school an even better place for our students.

Happy Holidays.

Warm regards,
P&F Committee


Term 2 After School Program - Pre-Primary - Year 3

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