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Dates to Remember

Week 8

Friday 7 June

  • ASCS Interschool ML Carnival – Yrs.5/6 @ Morris Buzacott Reserve 8:45am-1:45pm
  • Yr.1 Kalamunda Historical Village Excursion 9am-1:00pm

Week 9

Wednesday 12 June

  • Kindy Boogie Woogie Incursion @ 2pm

Week 10

Friday 21 June

  • Year 2 Assembly & Awards

Holy Spirit,
open my heart
to understand how precious I am to you,
how loved I am by you.
Open the eyes of my soul,
to see the gifts you have put before me this day.
Give me the grace to recognise each encounter with you.
Teach me to respond in gratitude, to grow in gratitude.
Teach me to be generous, as you are generous with me,
and to collaborate with you in serving my fellow sisters and brothers
for your greater glory.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. Given that this term is a rather long one, the WA Day public holiday and pupil free day came at the perfect time for our students. No doubt it provided them with an opportunity to rest and reset for the remaining four weeks of the school term.

Berry Street PD
On Tuesday, whilst our students were enjoying an additional day of rest and recreation, our staff joined three other local Catholic primary schools for a professional development day centred on the Berry Street educational model. Berry Street helps educators gain new perspectives, strategies, and skills to build safer, healthier, and more engaging classrooms for all students.

One of the key takeaways from the PD was the need for our children to have consistent, predictable routines and consistent, predictable adults in both the home and school environment. Consistent, predictable routines (and adults) help children feel safe, secure, centred, and ready to learn. Night-time and morning routines are especially important in helping children become regulated individuals with healthy habits which in turn positively influences their capacity for learning and engagement at school.

Wet Weather
After the driest of spells, the wet weather finally arrived last week. As is often the case, the wettest periods tend to fall within school drop off, recess, lunch and school pick up times. Our students are often disappointed when the rain spoils their chance to get out and play during break times. However, our Year 6 students have come to the rescue and helped lift their peers spirits by leading them through ‘Go Noodle’ dance routines during recess. We are incredibly proud of the way our Year 6s have embraced this opportunity to demonstrate leadership and service. They have been learning the dance routines in their own time and perform them with such energy and enthusiasm that even I have felt compelled to join them.

Year 5 Assembly
Our Year 5s presented a wonderful Assembly item on gratitude. They acted out the story ‘Gratitude is my Superpower’ by Alicia Ortego and concluded with an uplifting song about gratitude.

As our Year 5s pointed out ever so beautifully, gratitude is strongly correlated to wellbeing. People who take the time to notice and give thanks for the kind acts people do, the beauty in nature, the experiences they have and the positive emotions they bring are happier, less stressed, and more optimistic. Additionally, they are more likely to engage in acts of kindness themselves, further contributing to both their own and other people’s joy and happiness.

Yesterday, three Year 6 students attended the LifeLink launch with Mrs Hartnett and I. The LifeLink launch, held at Newman College, was attended by Year 6 representatives from Catholic primary schools within the Perth Archdiocese. During the launch, students listened to Bishop Don Sproxton, Father Vincent Glynn, CEWAs Executive Director, Wayne Bull, and various other CEWA personnel share the important work that LifeLink charities do to improve the lives of those who are sick, marginalised, or experiencing hardship in their personal lives.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of LifeLink and over the past 25 years, three million dollars has been raised to make a positive difference in the lives of others. To mark this special milestone, each school was gifted a plaque commemorating their contributions to LifeLink over the years.

In class, our students researched a LifeLink agency of their choice and composed a prayer for the people it serves. Some of these are displayed below:

Wishing you all a gentle end to the week and opportunities to reflect upon and give thanks for the blessings God has given us.

Melissa Vranjes

Look at what's been happening in Year Four

In Maths, Year Four has been engaged in learning various mental and written strategies to tackle addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Students are applying these strategies to solve long multiplication and short division questions without remainders. They’ve been introduced to the bus-stop method, as well as two-digit-by-two-digit multiplication, understanding its real-life applications.

Students recently participated in a revision scavenger hunt, reinforcing concepts such as addition and subtraction with unknown quantities, different multiplication and division strategies, and fact families, all in preparation for their final project.

In regard to measurement and geometry, students have embarked on a journey exploring angles. Starting with understanding right angles, they will soon progress to comparing and classifying various types of angles found in the playground and everyday life, relating them to their understanding of right angles.

This term, students have been honing their informative writing skills by delving into various informative structural and language features, including descriptive nouns, technical nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Students were tasked with selecting an African animal and researching its habitat, unique diet, and appearance.

In Week 5, Year Four students embarked on an exciting excursion to Perth Zoo. Led by a Perth Zoo specialist, they enjoyed a guided tour of the Camp N’dutu African Safari. This safari provided an immersive experience into the lives of animals in the African Savannah, offering insights into their interactions, adaptation, and environment. The students thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and even had the opportunity to touch a tortoise, emerging as budding African animal specialists!

Students have also been exploring the impact of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation. They studied various parables, focusing on Saint Paul’s journey and how he was strengthened by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus closely. As part of this exploration, students were asked to create interactive and animated Keynote presentations, retelling the story of Saint Paul’s conversion.

Currently, students are delving into the mysteries of the Rosary, learning about its different components, and discovering its significance in helping Catholics reflect on and meditate upon the life of Jesus.

Digital Technology:
In digital technology, students have been exploring the significance of sustainability and the importance of recycling materials appropriately. They’ve been investigating the environmental impacts of various materials, particularly plastic from toys. To address this issue, students were tasked with creating a toy for their Pre-Primary buddies using only recycled and sustainable materials.

Using the design thinking model, students began by interviewing and developing the issue of plastic pollution into a problem they could solve. They have now completed the ideation stage and are moving on to prototyping their toy designs which are looking fantastic!

Visual Art:
In visual art, students are continuing to delve into the theme of African animals for their project. Drawing inspiration from artist Dean Russo, they’ve been analysing the intricate elements of art present in his work, including colour, line, pattern, and shape. Exploring concepts like analogous and complementary colours, students have been challenged to incorporate these elements into their own paintings.

Sustainability in Junior Primary

Last week the Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year One children had a visit from The Cleanaway truck, teaching us about recycling in our yellow lid bins and how the bins are lifted up to the rubbish truck and emptied . They also performed a puppet show with Australian animals teaching us about rubbish found in the animals homes and where rubbish should be put instead. Many thanks to Cleanaway and The City Of South Perth Council for coming out to our School.

P & F Movie Night