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Dates to Remember

Week 10

Friday 21 June

  • Year 2 Assembly & Awards

Week 11

Wednesday 26 June

  • Regional Academic Day @ St Columba’s 4 x Yr. 5 and 4 x Yr. 6 students attending

Thursday 27 June

  • Yr. 5 Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser for Canberra Camp 2025
  • Whole school movie night @ 5pm

Friday 28 June

  • End of Term 2

Term 3 – Week 1

Monday 15 July

  • Staff Professional Development Day – No School
  • Pre-Kindy commence Term 3

Tuesday 16 July

  • NAIDOC Week Liturgy 9.00am

Wednesday 17 July


Thursday 18 July

  • Spirit of the Arts Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral 3 x Yr. 5/6 students attending

Friday 19 July


Friday 21 June

  • Year 2 Assembly & Awards

Far too often we try to steer the course of our lives
without consulting you, and we always run into problems.
Set us on a true course that will bring us closer to YOU.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Although this Term is longer than usual, it has flown on by. It’s a little hard to believe we only have a week and a half left before the mid-year holidays. As the mornings have grown that little bit darker and cooler, I am sure the morning routines have become that little bit slower with some of the little ones finding it difficult to rise from their slumber. I hope the remainder of the Term goes smoothly for everyone; not long before you all get to have a break from the school routines.

Deputy Executive Director Visit

On Thursday, Mrs Annette Morey, the Deputy Executive Director of CEWA paid us a visit. As she called into individual classes and engaged with the students, she was overjoyed with the warm welcome she received. Mrs Morey, like so many visitors, commented on the joy our children exude and the deep level of engagement they have in their learning. We are incredibly proud of the way our students live out our SEARCH values in their daily encounters with one another and all who enter our school community. 

New Boat

On Friday morning, a new piece of play equipment was installed in our playground. The new boat has been an absolute hit with our students and looks at home among the other nature play equipment. The cost of the boat was jointly financed by the school and our wonderful P&F. In recognition of the many years of devoted service that Mrs Margaret Tatasciore has graced our school community with, we decided to name the boat the ‘S.S. Tatasciore’. We hope that Mrs Tatasciore will continue to steer and sail with us for quite some time yet.

Father Anthony Vu

On Saturday evening, Fr Anthony Vu, our new parish priest, had his canonical installation. We welcome Fr Vu to our parish and school community and look forward to working together. If you have not already met Fr Anthony, I encourage you to introduce yourself before or after Mass in the not-too-distant future. He is eager to get to know our student and parent community.


Parents will be able to access their children’s mid-year school reports on SEQTA from Thursday 27th June.

The Mid-Year Report provides parents with a ‘snapshot in time’ of how their child is progressing in relation to the end of year achievement standard, for each learning area, for their year level. The grade provided takes into account the curriculum which has been taught and assessed to that point in time.

The End of Year Report provides parents with an overview of how their child has progressed, across the entire year, in relation to the end of year Achievement Standard for each learning area for their year level. The grade provided takes into account the curriculum which has been taught and assessed across the entire year, not just the second half of the year.

Is a ‘C’ grade good?

Yes, you should celebrate C grades as this indicates that your child has achieved the desired level of understanding for his/her year level.

A ‘C’ grade today, is the expected Achievement Standard for each year level and each learning area.

Does an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade mean my child is working a year or two above their current grade? No, an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade means that your child is demonstrating a deeper level of understanding than expected for their year level.

How are final grades determined?

Teachers analyse numerous samples of work and assessments to determine the final grade. The grade is determined in accordance with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s (SCSA) Judging Standards. For more information on this go to


Please make a note in your diaries that the canteen will be closed in Week One of next term.  It will resume on Wednesday 24th July.

Long Service Leave

I will be taking a week of Long Service Leave next week. Mrs Natasha Gregory will be stepping into the Principal role during my short absence.

I wish all our students and families a smooth end to the term and a restful two-week break. I look forward to hearing how our students spent their holidays upon our return.

God bless,

Melissa Vranjes

CSPWA Awards Night

On the 7th of June, members of our P&F attended the Catholic Schools Parents WA Awards Night. Whilst our nominated P&F members did not come away with an award, Mr Cooper, who was put forward by the P&F, received the Agnes Weymouth Award for excellence in building Catholic school communities. Congratulations to Mr Cooper, who through his role as PE teacher actively seeks to involve our parent community in school based sporting events and willingly participates in community-based events!! We are all extremely proud of him. Thank you and congratulations to each member of our P&F for your dedication and countless hours of service to our school. Award or no award, our school’s P&F are winners to us.

Look at what's been happening in Year Five & Six


This term, in Writing, the Year 5 students have been delving into the genre of narrative writing, with a particular focus on incorporating suspense into their stories. They have learned about the essential structure required for crafting engaging narratives and explored how to use the five human senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) to create suspenseful scenes.

Students have been experimenting with various narrative techniques, including dialogue, descriptive language, and plot development. They have also been working on developing their unique writing styles, while understanding the importance of revision and editing.

I am incredibly proud of the creativity and effort that all the Year 5 students have shown in their writing projects. I encourage parents to ask their children about their stories and share in their excitement for storytelling.

Their final piece of writing was based around the topic “Extreme Weather!” The writing piece below belongs to Heidi, a Year 5 student.

It has been a busy term for the students as they have been introduced to many new concepts in our Maths lessons. The students began exploring experimental and theoretical probability. They engaged in activities using M&M’s, drawing different coloured M&M’s and recording their results with tally marks on a graph. The students learnt the difference between the two types of probability and participated in various experiments to reinforce their understanding. As a reward for their hard work, the students enjoyed some M&M’s at the end of the lesson.

The students have also been exploring the concept of Time. They had the exciting opportunity to go outside and participate in a Time Conversion Hunt. They practiced converting seconds to minutes, days to months, months to years, and even seconds to months. The students thoroughly enjoyed finding the question cards scattered around the school and tackling the various time conversion challenges. It was a refreshing change to step out of the classroom and enjoy some fresh air while learning

Miss Cohen
Year 5 Teacher

In our Health lessons this term, we’ve been exploring the topic of “Relationships” and the significance of cultivating positive relationships with our peers. This week, our focus was on understanding why trust is a vital component of any relationship. To emphasise this, students participated in a trust-building activity. They designed an obstacle course where one student was blindfolded, and their peers had to guide them through the course using verbal instructions. This exercise highlighted the importance of trust and effective communication in maintaining healthy relationships.

Digital Technology
In Digital Technology, our Year 6 students have been exploring how to use binary coding to decode and create patterns. Through our sessions, they’ve been learning to create intricate patterns using binary codes on By experimenting with different binary sequences, students have discovered how to manipulate and change colours, gaining a deeper understanding of how digital technology operates at a fundamental level.

Mr Stone
Year 6 Teacher

P & F News

Dear St. Pius X Families,

We are excited to share the latest news and updates from the Parent and Friends Association (P&F)!

Last Friday, several members of our school community attended the CSPWA Awards dinner. We were thrilled to have nominated St. Pius X parents and teachers in four categories, and we are proud to announce that Mr. Caleb Cooper emerged as the winner of the Agnes Weymouth Teachers Award! It was a fantastic night, and we enjoyed celebrating the achievements of our dedicated educators and community members. Given the success and enjoyment of the evening, we hope to make our attendance at the CSPWA Awards dinner an annual tradition.

In other exciting news, we are pleased to inform you that the new boat has been installed in the sandpit area, replacing the old one. This small initiative, funded by both the school and the P&F, has been very well received by the students, who are already enjoying their new play equipment.

While we remain committed to making the front playground our main fundraising focus, we are delighted to have been able to complete this interim project. Enhancing our children’s play experience is a priority, and we are grateful for the support that makes these improvements possible.

Thank you for your continued involvement and support. Together, we are making a positive impact on our school community. Keep an eye out for more updates and future events- we will be hosting a book fair next term as well as another sports carnival accessories drive in time for the sports carnival so watch this space. 

Warm regards,

St. Pius X P&F

P & F Movie Night

Canberra 2025 Fundraiser Sausage Sizzle - Thursday 27 June

BRICKS 4 KIDZ After School Classes

Bricks 4 Kidz - Winter School Holiday Workshops

Edu-Sing After School Classes

Edu-Sing After School Holiday Program