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School Fees

St Pius X School Fees for 2024

Summary of School Fees & Charges Kindy PP-6
Tuition $2,064 $2,764
Amenities $125 $105
IT Levy $115 $115
Mathletics $35
Incursions/Excursions $50 $70
Total School Fees per student per annum $2,354 $3,089
Family Levies
Building Levy $413 $553
P & F Levy $100 $100
Total Family Levies per family per annum $513 $653
Extras Class Cost per student
Kindy Screening K $80
EduDance PP-6 $40
Sacramental Program Yr 3 $40
Sacramental Program Yr 4 $55
Sacramental Program Yr 6 $55

Year 6 Leadership Fee

Becoming Man/Woman and Life Saving Course

Yr 6 $30



Yr 6

Yr 5



End of Year Concert Levy K-6 $10
End of Year Activity K-6 $10
Swimming Program 3-6 $150
Booklist levy K $50
Booklist levy PP $85
Booklist levy for text books 2, 3 $15
Booklist levy for text books 1, 4, 5, 6 $25
IT Levy – iPad JAMF licence 3 $10

The following discount structure applies to Tuition Fees

  • Second child: 20% discount
  • Third child: 40% discount
  • Fourth child: Free
Based on 2022 Tuition Fees Kindy PP-6
2nd child $1,651 $2,211
3rd Child $1,238 $1,658
4th Child Free Free

Parents with Health Care Cards or Pensioner Concession Cards will need to pay $300 per annum for Tuition Fees plus cost of incursions/excursions, camps, dancing lessons and other fees as applicable. IT Levy and Amenities will not be charged to holders of these cards. Building Levy for families on these cards will be $90 per annum.

Students with Special Needs, with siblings in other Catholic schools, will have an automatic concession of a family discount.

Statement for Fees will be sent home at the beginning of the year (in February) and should be paid for as follows:

Four equal instalments (25% of total fees) to be paid by the end of February, end of May, end of August & end of October, unless you have made other payment arrangements with the Principal.

You are welcome to pay Fees in full in February if you wish but are under no obligation to do so.

3 Year Old Pre-Kindy Program – cost is $75 per session – no discounts apply

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