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School Hours

School Hours

Children are not supervised prior to 8.30 am and are discouraged from arriving at school before this time. Teachers finish their duty at 3.25 pm. Between 8.30 am-8.45 am there is no play. This is preparation time for all students.

Years 1-6
8.45am School Commences
10.40-11.00am Recess
12.30 – 1.15pm Lunch (Yrs 1-3)
1.00 – 1.45pm Lunch (Yrs 4-6)
3.05pm Dismissal
Pre-Primary 8.45am – 3.05pm Monday – Friday
Doors open at 8.30am and at 3.00pm
Kindergarten 8.50am – 2.55pm Tuesday – Thursday
Pre-Kindy 8.50am – 2.55pm Monday

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